“Clean up” accounting services that bring your company’s books up-to-date…

and give you the freedom to get back to growing a profitable business.




It’s like the new business owner’s mantra: “I’ll do the bookkeeping myself until I can afford to hire someone.”

Sound familiar?

Or how about this one?: “I can take care of the bookkeeping during our slow times.

Except that your slow times get filled up with all the other things that feel like a priority, like hiring someone new, planning your next marketing campaign, or (gasp!) spending some time AWAY from your business that was supposed to give you a ton of freedom, but feels like the proverbial ball and chain.

How are we doing so far? It’s like we can read your mind, right?

We could laugh with you about the silly mind-reading jokes, but the truth is that this isn’t funny anymore. You’re starting to get calls from the “tax people” who are reminding you that your returns were due months – or years – ago. 

And to add to the stress, you’re not really sure if you should be paying yourself from your business, hovering between worrying that you’re going to have a HUGE tax bill, or barely living a life because you don’t want to spend a dime on yourself until you know that you have the money. (Both ways are terrible ways to live, and you deserve better, FYI.)

✔️You don’t have to clean up your books yourself.

✔️ You can hire people who LOVE to clean up other people books. (Hi! That’s us.)

✔️ When you hire the right accountant, the clean up process is quick and easy. (How good is it going to feel when those calls from the government stop?)

✔️ Once all you get all the boring but necessary year-end “stuff” out of the way, you’ll have some numbers that will help you make some VERY CONFIDENT business decisions. 

At Pacific Rock Accounting, we want to help you unload the stress that comes with being behind on your books and taxes. 

We also understand that things happen in business and life, and we’re not concerned about why you’re behind; we’re only concerned with helping you move forward. In other words, when you work with us, you’re entering a no-judgment zone. Let’s stick to the facts and not concern ourselves with the reasons why you’ve fallen behind.

Phew, right?

You also want to feel smart about your numbers, but you can’t stand it when accountants talk down to you. You want to feel safe asking questions about your books, and we’ll treat you with the respect you deserve, avoiding technical jargon and simplifying our language.



Merideth Bisiker, B.A.
Certified Money Coach (CMC)®
Pacific Rock Accounting