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Hi! I’m Merideth Bisiker.

I’m the owner of Pacific Rock Accounting, career #AccountingNerd, Certified Money Coach (CMC)®, and lifelong learner of all the things, from how to make the perfect loaf of spelt sourdough (#COVIDTimes), studying up on OCD, ADHD + Autism (thanks to motherhood!),  and keeping up-to-date with business trends and neuro-finance (how the brain works when it comes to money).

Way back in 1994 I was pursuing a teaching career.

A part-time job at a bank + the discovery that I really didn’t like teaching other people’s kids = my 25+ year career in finance, accounting and life coaching.

Other fun facts:

My husband and I experienced a major financial crisis in 2012. While the stress was crazy, it opened my eyes up to the link between money + emotions, which led to my coaching journey.

While I wouldn’t put myself in the ranks of career artists, I do pursue my own creative aspirations: I sing in a rock cover band, I love my drum kit, and I dabble in filmmaking and writing. I work really hard at putting time aside every day to do nurture my creative side. I’m not always successful because…life! But I try.

In case you’re the type who likes to know, here are some resume-style details:

Certified Money Coach (CMC)®: Money Coaching Institute
Holistic Life Coach: Radiant Coaches Academy
Curriculum Designer, Online Coaching Program: Radiant Coaches Academy
Bachelor of Arts (English and French): Simon Fraser University
Pod Leader: Arts BC Virtual Residency (commencing September 2020)
Insight Team Member: Arts BC
Podcast Creator and Host: Rise to Success

I REALLY do love this accounting stuff.

I know. I’m weird.

It’s all good.

And it’s also a good thing that accounting nerds like me exist so that we can help creatives like you.


You’re tired of finding the same stock answers to your money problems in every. single. blog post and article. You know, all that advice that reminds you that:

▪️ You need to build up “cash reserves.” (But they never actually give you a plan to make that happen.)

▪️ You need to charge more. (Or “charge what you’re worth”. What does that even mean? Ugh.)

▪️ You need to pay yourself first. (Does that actually happen in real life?)

▪️ You secretly carry a HUGE load of embarrassment thanks to all that debt you’ve racked up and that stack of bookkeeping that’s been mocking you for months (or…years?)

Also, the advice that you keep reading on the internet does NOTHING to actually MOTIVATE you to get your finances sorted. It only reminds you that you have a lot of work ahead of you and you have NO IDEA where to start.

You feel alone in all of this, but it’s actually completely normal for creatives to struggle with their finances.

Here are some common themes I’ve heard from creative entrepreneurs that are TOTALLY relatable to YOU:

  • Your head feels like it’s going to explode any time you even THINK about your finances.
  • Every time you open a spreadsheet or attempt to find accounting software you like, you quickly end up feeling like someone’s thrown a spider at you.
  • You wish that money people would just use NORMAL words when they talk about money. (“Establish a reserve and make sure you have a contingency”… Um, what?)

So here’s what we can do:

► If you’re really feeling overwhelmed and you don’t think you’re ready to talk to anyone about your current money situation, no probs! Click HERE to start off slowly with a couple of step-by-step USEFUL guides in written AND video format that can help you feel like you’ve finally got a handle on this money thing.

► If you’re ready to talk to hire a part-time pro to help you clean up your finances, and who WON’T make you feel ashamed, guilty, embarrassed, and all the other negative “feels” about money, click HERE to book your free, super chill 20 minute consultation with me. 

► If you know that your relationship with money could be so much better (healthy, happy, successful, you fill in the blank), and you have no idea how to make that happen, click HERE to book your first money coaching session. 

And if you just want to ask some questions, that’s cool too! You can email me at merideth@pacificrockaccounting.com

I look forward to connecting with you soon.