Get your exclusive discount code for my upcoming money course.

Get your exclusive discount code for my upcoming money course.


(Don't worry. I'll come up with a better course name.)

Thanks so much for taking the time to complete the survey. Your answers are anonymous and will ensure that I design and deliver  a course that will teach you everything you need to know about your money but NOBODY has taught you.


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The thing is, nobody has taught you this beginner money stuff properly...or at all.


And you know that there's a better way to manage your money, but you have NO idea what that way is.


Here's what you're dealing with right now when it comes to getting help with your money:

  • You're too embarrassed to ask for help, or

  • You don't know whom to ask for help, or

  • The information you do get is intimidating and confusing, or

  • You believe that financial advisors won't bother with you because you don't make enough money.

You CAN get simple, straightforward, real-life help. That's what this course will give you.

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