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Financial Catch Up

Okay, so this isn’t the sexiest name for a guide, but it’s going to do exactly what it says:

Help you get your business finances caught up – finally! 

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Money Mindset Restart

Get some money coaching – FOR FREE!

And in this case, free means that you can get started on restarting your money mindset right away, which is good news for your business – and YOU.

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Financial Fluency in Changing Times

So many thanks to Veronica Newton of Compass in Brookly, New York for hosting this webinar.

Merideth really enjoyed providing a sample coaching session during this session. It’s a great tool for anyone who navigating financial uncertainty during #COVIDtimes and beyond.

Also, Merideth’s co-panelist Yvany B. Peery is AMAZING in this session. We can’t gush enough about how Yvany led us through a relatable and helpful conversation about the TRAUMA that COVID is inflicting on so many. More than that, she leads us through some helpful ways to work through the trauma and anxiety. A highly recommended watch and/or listen.

Click it on the video player above, or find it HERE.