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Hey, can we just cut to the chase?

You’re a creative entrepreneur who HATES dealing with your finances, right?

Okay, great. We’ve got that out of the way.

Moving along…


Because you Googled “I don’t want to do my own accounting but my money’s a mess.”


You don’t want your business to become another statistic – You know, the one that tells you that 82% of businesses fail because they don’t have enough cash to get them through another month.

AND you want more cash for yourself.

There. I said it. “You want more cash.”

And I’ll keep saying it because there is no shame in wanting to be able to pay yourself, and to pay yourself well.

You know it’s time to stop procrastinating.

You know it’s time to hire a professional to swoop in and take over the numbers for you.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m not going to keep you in the dark.

You’re still going to get to know your finances intimately.

But you don’t have to create the spreadsheets (unless you love them), figure out the accounting software (don’t even!), and sit down for hours calculating your cash flow projections (what does that even mean?).

Instead, you can stay focused on doing the work you want to do and leave the number crunching to me and my team – because we actually love this stuff.

“I’ve been working with Merideth as my bookkeeper for almost a year now, and since working with her I feel a lot more empowered because I feel like I can completely trust her to manage everything. She has really good attention to detail, and I don’t feel like things are going to slip through the cracks. We also have a monthly check in call, so she can fill me in on what’s going on in my business, and help me understand my finances if I have any questions about them.”

Leah Mazur

CEO, Loop Digital Marketing Inc.