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Imagine if money were your lover.

Now describe your relationship.

If you feel like you + money need to get on solid ground so that YOU can finally be free from money stress, but you don’t know where to start, then booking your FREE DISCOVERY SESSION below is your next smart move.

“What IS money coaching anyway?”

Money coaching is like NO experience you’ve had with a financial professional.

As your Certified Money Coach (CMC)® and Certified Holistic Life Coach, Merideth helps you find the right answers related to your own financial situation, experiences, beliefs and values.

Sure, Merideth will help you drill down to the right resources and tools so that you can create a solid spending, debt repayment and savings plans for your business and your personal finances. That part’s easy(ish).

What will inevitably feel HARD is making lasting change so that debt is a thing of the past and your savings grow, AND you get to enjoy some of your money NOW.

Compare changing your money habits to losing weight:

You might be able to work with a budget for the short-term, but when one hiccup (or crisis) happens in your life, you’ll be back to your old habits and same ol’ money stress.

So how about if improving your relationship with money doesn’t have feel so hard?

How about if you go all smarty pants on yourself and get the right help?

(Hint: The majority of accountants and financial advisors aren’t trained coaches, and that’s why conversations with most of them feel, um, not so great.)

It’s time to create a plan – and new habits – that will prevent you from ever having to go back to feeling the way you feel when money is tight and you can’t think clearly enough to make good decisions.

Coaching will help you:

  • Feel safe talking about your personal relationship with money. Merideth often hears, “I’ve never told anyone this before, but…”
  • Recognize when you’re making financial decisions based on your own values and beliefs, and when you’re making those decisions to make other people happy. (Read: It’s time to stop trying to make everyone else happy at your own expense.)
  • Set healthy boundaries. < With practice, this starts feeling REALLY good.
  • Create the RIGHT plan for your money, which often leads to healthy shifts in other parts of your life. (Health, relationships, business.)
  • Identify exactly what’s holding you back from reaching your financial goals.
  • Set short-term goals and strategies to help you move forward. Small steps leading to big accomplishments is the way to go.
  • Stay accountable so procrastinating stays at a minimum. And when there IS procrastinating (because it does happen), you have a safe person to talk to so that you can identify what the heck is actually going on.
  • Have healthy conversations about money that lead to progress. (Think: Speaking to your spouse, successful sales calls, favourable negotiations.)


💰 Kickoff Package

1 month: 4 x 45 minute sessions + messaging support via Slack

$800 CAD

💰 Momentum Package

3 months: 9 x 45 minute sessions + messaging support via Slack

$1350 CAD (payment plan available)

💰 Momentum + Maintenance Package

6 months: 15 x 45 minute sessions + messaging support via Slack

$2450 CAD (payment plan available)

Interested in bringing a group together for a discount in coaching rates?

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When you wake up every morning you know EXACTLY how your spending will look for the day, and you’re so up-to-date with your finances that you know where your wiggle room is for those surprise buying opportunities. 

You feel like you have everything you NEED, and you have a solid plan to buy those things you WANT. (Sidebar: A frequent side effect of this transformation is that you actually don’t WANT very much anymore because you feel so good about what you have.)

You enjoy logging into your online banking and investing websites and looking at your savings accounts that are building up quite nicely, thank you very much.

You have some sales calls scheduled, and you’re looking forward to them – instead of being absolutely terrified of having the dreaded and awkward “money convo.”

You want to invest in your business, and you feel confident about making the right decisions because you know what your financials look like. 

You have a money date later that day with your spouse, and you can’t wait for it. No more fights!


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