When it comes to your money, you don’t want to work with just anyone.

So how about a sneak peak into what and who Pacific Rock Accounting is before you reach out? We won’t even know that you’re checking us out. (Sneaky, right?)




2016 to 2017
Rise to Success Podcast

Hosted by Merideth Bisiker, Founder of Pacific Rock Accounting

In this podcast, get to know Merideth – and her guests – better and learn some great strategies to help you grow your business in a more productive wayAlthough this podcast is currently on hiatus, business owners will find these episodes inspiring and motivating. Merideth interviewed some of the top performing people in their industries, as well as lesser-known individuals with inspiring stories about how they define success and achieve it.

Every business owner can benefit from spending time with the Rise to Success podcast. Grab a coffee  Рor heck, bring us into the shower or on a run with you.

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September 2019
Money Realness with Merideth Bisiker (explicit)

Hosted by The Lightwalker’s Path

Calling all healers, artists, coaches, and creators! Host Seryna and and Merideth dig deep into the emotional pull that money has on humans, and how we allow outside influences dictate our personal decisions about money. Serena asks the questions you’ve always wanted to ask! We share strategies on recovering from money crises, setting financial goals that are right for YOU, the taboo around talking about money, and the idea that more money will actually NOT make you happy.

Listen to the Lightwalker’s Path HERE

October 2019
The Truth to Living a Radiant Life

Hosted by Radiant Radio / Radiant Coaches Academy

Merideth shares insight into her creative work that combines accounting with music and film, as well as her favourite Radiant Connections and her secret to nurturing a Radiant life!

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December 2019:
Money 101 for Entrepreneurs

Hosted by The Uncomfortable Podcast

In this episode of Uncomfortable, Debbie chats with Merideth Bisiker, a Certified Money Coach. We talk about money, taxes, and what to think about when you are an entrepreneur. Sounds a little dry, right? Well, we dig into the really good stuff that entrepreneurs struggle with all the time, like the “make 6 figures in 6 weeks” school of marketing, realistic ways to grow your business, how to set up your books for your business, and how to set yourself up for long-term success.

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