Merideth’s Recommendations

Every now and again I come across resources on business and personal finance that I just can’t keep to myself! Click on the link to learn more about each item. 

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Rise to Success Podcast
Hosted by Merideth Bisiker, Owner of Pacific Rock Accounting

In this podcast, get to know Merideth – and her guests – better and learn some great strategies to help you grow your business in a more productive wayAlthough this podcast is currently on hiatus, business owners will find these episodes inspiring and motivating. Merideth interviewed some of the top performing people in their industries, as well as lesser-known individuals with inspiring stories about how they define success and achieve it.

Every business owner can benefit from spending time with the Rise to Success podcast. Grab a coffee  – or heck, bring us into the shower or on a run with you.

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The $1K Investor
Book and Online Course by Debbie Sassen

As a business owner, you likely have a goal to properly invest your business’ funds, but you’re not sure where you should start. In this book, Debbie Sassen makes investing easy. Written in layman’s terms with easy-to-follow steps, this book promises to help you get comfortable with investing without feeling overwhelmed by technical terms or unnecessary discussion.

I highly recommend this book for someone who is anxious to save and invest, but feels that they don’t have “enough” money. You’ll be surprised at how easily and quickly you can get started. I’ve been following Israeli author Debbie Sasson for a number of years, and I appreciate her realistic and encouraging approach to teaching about money.


Worry-Free Money
Book by Shannon Lee Simmons 

A financially healthy business supports your personal finances. (That’s the goal, right?). It’s important to foster healthy personal finances as well so your hard work pays off, and I don’t think I’ve come across a better book to help you with your personal budgeting than Worry-Free Money by Canadian author Shannon Lee Simmons. Her advice ties in beautifully with Debbie Sassen in The $1K Investor.

In fact, my family follows this plan almost to a “T.” Planning my monthly finances is quick and easy with this plan, which, as a busy mama, is much appreciated.